The Blacklite Studio was founded in 2002 by Alessandro Mistretta as a music center, frequented by musicians from several trends. The Studio is now considered a standard of excellence in the italian Electronic scene. Many artists come to Blacklite Studio to finalize their projects, ensuring the most in sound quality and maximum impact on people, all without sacrificing the dynamic range of a track!
Blacklite Studio is costantly adjusting the Gear, in order to keep always updated our Technology, paying a lot of attention in new trends.
We also have a full service recording studio in our facility. So we can go from recording your rehearsal to mixing and mastering your record, totally at our studio.
Now Blacklite Studio is surrounded by many artists who are making their mark right here with us. The result of this ongoing collaborations has resulted in the birth of Blacklite Records, a label of high quality electronic music, formed by already international producers and DJs like Nukleall, Purple Raver, Ghost Signal, Alchemix, Hypogeo and some new talented Djs like Bardo Todol and many many more!


- Workstation Apple MacPro Quad Xeon 2x 2.66 Mhz
- UAD-2 Nevada X64
- Outboard: Digitech, Alesis, Roland, TC Electronics.
- Software: Apple Logic Studio, Steinberg Cubase, Waves Platinum Bundle, UAD Plug-in, Fab Filter, Camel Audio
- Ascolti DynAudio BM6A, Event 20/20 Bass, Event Tr6, Yamaha NS-10 Studio
- Audio Card: 2x Motu 2408 MK3 24bit, 96Khz 16 analog in/out, 48 Adat in/out, RME Fireface 400
- Digital Mixer: Yamaha 03D
- Microphones: Akg, Shure, Neumann, Earthworks, Rhode
- Synth: Kurzweill K2500x, Novation Supernova II, Access Virus TI Desktop, Access Polar T,I Master 88-Keys Oberheim MC-1000

General Info & Studio Booking

Torino, 10100 - Italy.
Email: info@blacklitestudio.com